Free Adult Classes: English as a Second Language (ESL) and Citizenship

Multilevel Class: Grammar, Conversation, Spelling, Composition, Vocabulary Development, Writing, Reading Comprehension; Civics & US Citizenship – Provides immigration counseling and classes to allow immigrant families to obtain citizenship in order to more fully participate in American society. Integrated with American employment skills.

Instructor: Ranvir Bakshi

*Free tutoring available in English and citizenship during office hours or class times.

Fall (September-December)
Spring (January-June)
Monday and Wednesday
6:45 PM – 9:15 PM
Registration dates or by appointment.

*Tutoring during office hours or ESL class times depending on volunteer tutor availability.

Won Community Service Center ESL class 2015
Won Community Service Center ESL tutoring 2016 picture

Free Children’s ESL Class

Help with homework, reading and interactive tasks to develop conversational, social and writing skills; students also participate in a variety of learning and group games. Provides English language skills to children of non-English speaking parents or recently immigrated children.  At the same time as the adult EL/Civics classes.  Children and teens, ages 5-18, are welcome to join the class.

Instructor: Nicole McNulty

Korean Language Class

Sunday mornings for children.
Contact: Tel: 215.884.8443


Every spring, 3-5 college bound high school seniors are awarded $500 scholarship after a competitive application and interview process. Applications are posted on the Forms Page by February. Applications are due at the end of March.

13th Annual Scholarship Awardees:
Congratulations to Dustin Zhang, Brendan Plarre, Jackson Cummings, Mikayla Casey & Jaehyeon Kim

Scholarship Committee:
Louis Freimiller, Kathleen Geist, Doil Lee, Dietra Shorter, Linda Walker & Bokhyae Koh

Won Community Service Center 2017 Scholarship Awardees
Won Community Service Center Scholarship Awards 2017
Won Community Service Center 2017 Scholarship Committee