WCSC’s mission

Since 1997, Won Community Service Center led by Executive Director and founder Mrs. Bokhyae Koh, has nurtured and empowered impoverished through providing medical counseling services, social counseling services, legal counseling services, and education. People who are helped come from Glenside, Montgomery County communities, and Philadelphia communities. Low-income and/or low-English proficient individuals and families are given the assistance they require to live more complete and healthy lives. Located in the Basement of Won Buddhism of Philadelphia temple (aka Korean Gyodang) at 423 Abington Ave, Glenside, Pennsylvania, 19038-4801, WCSC is a non-discriminating public service provider, and welcomes all, regardless of religion, national or ethnic origin, age, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, or race/color. If anything has been missed, we will still work with you no matter what. Contact Won Community Service Center at (215)884- 8443 or email Bokhyae@woncommunity.org or visit the office Monday through Friday during business hours.


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